Phone Insurance

Credit card

Credit card phone insurance is available for phones and other devices. The coverage depends on the card issuer and the cap will vary. Some cards offer unlimited coverage. Others may have a cap for lost or stolen phones. If you have lost or stolen a phone, it is important to have proof of the theft or damage to your phone to receive the insurance payout.

Wells Fargo

If you use your Wells Fargo credit card for wireless services, you can now get phone insurance through the company. The company offers up to $600 in protection if you are ever in an accident involving your cell phone. This protection is valid for up to two paid claims in a 12-month period. The coverage amount is based on the value of your cell phone and the level of damage. The maximum benefit is $600 per claim and $1,200 per year. However, it does not cover lost or stolen phones. This insurance is available only to Wells Fargo consumer credit card customers. Phone insurance from Wells Fargo is a good option for those with an expensive phone. This protection will kick in after your existing phone insurance kicks in. However, you should know that it can be difficult to obtain without having a banking relationship with Wells Fargo. 

more information

For more information, check out the terms and conditions of Wells Fargo credit card phone insurance. This insurance covers your cellular phone in the event of an accident and applies to all personal credit cards issued by Wells Fargo. The limits vary by issuer but generally apply to cell phones. Wells Fargo’s Cash Wise Visa (r) card offers supplemental coverage for cell phones up to $600. The policy also covers rental cars and has a $250 deductible per claim.


Some people prefer to purchase their phones with a different bank, like AMEX, and then pay their phone bills with their Wells Fargo credit card. Some Wells Fargo credit cards offer phone insurance that covers up to $600 in cell phone damage. This coverage comes with a $25 deductible. The policy also includes an automatic recurring payment feature. While you do not need to make this payment to access the coverage, it can help you save money.

coverage starts

The coverage starts the day after you pay your phone bill, and is valid for 60 days. The policy covers accidental damage, theft, or damage caused by an act of nature. You can file claims up to $600, but you must report the incident to the police within 48 hours.
Phone insurance is available through a direct claim or over the phone. To make a claim, you must provide your Ink Business Preferred credit card number, the date you paid your wireless bill, and the serial number of the phone.
The Chase Ink Business Preferred offers a $600 cell phone insurance benefit. To be eligible for the coverage, you must pay your monthly phone bill with the card. Your coverage begins on the day you make your cell phone payment and lasts until the last day of the month following payment.

police report

You also need to have a police report or phone statement before you file a claim. If your phone was stolen or lost, you will need to submit a claim form within 90 days of the theft or damage. In addition to cell phone insurance, the Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card offers other benefits such as purchase protection, extended warranty, price protection, and return protection.  The card also provides access to Chase Ultimate Rewards points. If you want to use your phone for business purposes, the phone coverage will cover all costs related to your phone, including the deductible. The Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card offers cell phone insurance coverage for eligible employees. You can only file three claims in a twelve-month period.